Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Travel Gear for the Adventure

When you go off the beaten track, you really need good gear. When something breaks the chance of you finding a good replacement is VERY slim. You also want to enjoy the creature comforts of life, a nice DVD now and again, some music, good books etc. We have 5 years of experience with what works and what doesn't our there.. both sailing (30,000 miles) and driving around both New Zealand and Australia (15,000 miles).

We've reviewed lots of products for our What Works and Computers at Sea sections and have created a couple of stores to help you find/review products. Most have been "travel tested" during our sailing trip.

Gadgets That Make a Difference

Camera gear, galley storage, computer backup/accessories, clothing, watch timers, headlamps, books .. and more... they all make a difference... We started by documenting what works and added the store after we got lots of requests "where do I get ..."

Learn more - Cruising Clothing

We have many other sections with direct links on our What Works page or check out the Gadgets that make a Difference highlights.

Free Travel Cards

What do you need business cards for if your traveling or cruising? How about for all those new friends you'll make along the way ...

What better way to keep in touch then to hand out a card with your phone, email, and/or BLOG site? You can also use Vista Print to create your stamps, stationary, and more. See our Boat Card and Boat Stamp.

Custom Clothing

We even have our own custom shirt/bags etc at Zazzle. Fun designs by cruisers, for cruisers, day-sailors, and even land explorers. And because cruiser's tend to "be green" by necessity we've included some "go green" designs.

You can even design your own creations or shop for other unique one-of-a-kind designs. Check our Zazzle to get started.

Other eStores

Lonely Planet ShopClick here for your favorite eBay itemsWestMarine.comBrand Banner

Buy.comTigerDirectSkype - call the world at rock bottom prices
There's More

We also have a page with all our affiliates. Remember buying through our affiliates doesn't cost you anything extra and it helps us keep all the free information coming.

See a note about our eStore.

Tip Jar

Personally I would buy something from the stores above but some of our "Followers" have asked for a tip jar... Here ya go!!

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